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The basement is including 6 water sources which are deeply integrated in the wateruse of the property, partly as grey water, partly for the gardens on site and on the roofs. At the same moment artists are invited for creating waterinstallations.

Ground Floor​


The groundfloor is based on a combination of inner and outer spaces which are all connected.

Part of the spaces are semi to fully private spaces, part of the spaces are for pubic use (Playground, urban gardening, Cafehouse and "Hofladen", Multifunctional entertaining hall etc.)

3rd Floor​


The property is devided in 4 private and 2 public yards. The private spaces contain gardens and waterplays.


The roof is 90% green and part of a private/urban concept, which is producing fresh vegetables on site and offers them to the people on site in the "Hofladen" 

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An old brewery transformed into a hub for

co work - co live = co existance

BrewLab was founded by CEO Sebastian Wagner  in 2018/2019. Located in Rathenow, a village surrounded by nature, near Berlin. The project’s aim is bringing to life an inspiring environment to work & living for enterpreneurs, start-ups and

tech-innovators as well as an entertainment place for Rathenow`s inhabitants, visitors and beer lovers.


BrewLab is also home for artists and freelancers, where they could find relax, socialize and get inspired by the peaceful and positive vibes of the green areas of Rathenow, far but close at the same time to Berlin City Centre. The living with co-working spaces concept was thought to connect people and build a community where craftsmanship, science and enterpreneurship meet to ‘brew ideas’ and create by sharing.

The core concept of the project lies through the movement and the flow of people from one yard to another experiencing different open spaces that are in inclosure with both heritage and contemporary architecture.

One of the best aspects of Brew Lab is the combination of work life with the ‘free time’ places where one can taste a quality craft beer, having a beer tasting experience or learn ‘ the making of’ directly from the Factory.

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