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The work of SWA Group is, since its founding 20 years ago by Sebastian Wagner, a permanent journey through Sacred_Tecture. This manifests itself in the choice of projects, clients and research done by SWA Group. 

Sebastian Wagner,


A website is a journey through ones own universe based on outside influences. The time in which we are living is a new space and time dimension. The old system breaks into pieces and only the readiness for new thoughts and the realization of them open the door to the next step of human development.

Our projects are our interpretation and exchange with many people and can be seen as our contribution to this civil process.
A holistic consciousness always has space for solutions and always offers new solutions up to the moment the manifesting process cannot be stopped. As my beloved wife Amrit describes this process which is realized through mother Earth:

Through her we have been created and to her we return. Sacred_Tecture is based on this understanding of the human life circle. 

We offer in our studio complete solutions for a holistic lifestyle, sustainable, and artistic high valable solutions.

Amrit Kaur Khalsa,


Nowadays many people are not happy, some think it is the need of love, others think it is the lack of money. Some who have money enough or are rich are unhappy as well as in fear of what will happen to them and their children tomorrow. In the Bible it was stated: “ask and thou shall receive“, but we ask and we do not receive! Why is it so?

maybe because there is something missing to make us “magic“ and it is unconditional love and light. 


So, let us practice our unconditional love for all and everything and let us turn on our light together to bring Heaven to Earth each and every moment. Now is the sacred moment to do so: Feel the love in your heart. 

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